Emotion AI
in the age of
the voice

Empath is Emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of language. By analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice, Empath detects 4 emotions which are joy, calm, anger and sorrow, in addition to an energy point.


  • Web Empath API/SDK

    Web Empath API/SDK

    Web Empath API has been used by more than 500 customers over 40 countries. By just adding sample codes to your website, you can integrate vocal emotion AI with your products and services. With a program sending WAVE files to the API, Web Empath API is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android OS, functioning as M2M and IoT sensor. For more detail, click on the link below.

    API Registration
  • My Mood Forecast

    My Mood Forecast

    My Mood Forecast is an EAP (employee assistant program) app by which employees can check their mood from the voice.
    By analyzing correlation between weather information and moods, the app forecasts diurnal and week-to-week change of employees’ mood. From a dashboard, you can check not only your own individual mood but also your division’s or team's mood. The app is helpful for improving your employees’ motivation and decrease employee turnover rate.

  • Smart Call Center

    Smart Call Center

    Smart Call Center can visualize customer and operator emotions in real-time. It improves the conversion rate of outbound telemarketing, as well as reduces employee turnover rate.


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