Kenichi Shinjo


Kenichi began his career as an author of video game strategy guide books, novelizations, and character guide books. After the books were over 1.3million copies in Japan, Kenichi served internet media start-up as a content producer, and later, worked for one of the subsidiaries of the Softbank Group as COO. From 2011, Kenichi is the founder and Service Development Consultant of Horbal Inc, a service development firm focusing on food, health and education industries. In 2016, Health Care apps, one of the clients that Kenichi was involved in from the planning phase, received the 1st prize from JAPAN SERVICE AWARD. In addition, Kenichi is currently working for several organizations as follows: Executive Director and CSO of Holoeyes Inc, a VR medical company selected for a Japanese government program “J-Startup.” A fellow of Mistletoe, a community for the collective impact approach. An advisor of Sollation, a venture company using both technological and psychological approaches. A fellow of Gakugei University Institute for the Future.