We are a global leader in Emotion AI. We are on a mission to develop and provide Emotion AI technology in order to create a society where all the people can understand and help each other. We are always looking for exceptional talents who want to develop empathy-based solutions for challenging problems in multiple business sectors such as
robotics, voice interface, automobiles, and health care.

Data Scientist

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunity to develop new emotion data research methodology and tools. We want to develop innovative solutions using emotion recognition technology to confront challenges in mental health, call center management, robotics and various other fields. This position is ideal for someone who is a great researcher who wants to analyze relationships between human behavior and emotional states in order to create new healthcare solutions and business opportunities.

Your responsibilities:
Apply machine-learning and deep-learning techniques to developing vocal emotion recognition technology using Empath dataset of voices
Develop new methods and models for machine-learning algorithms to distinguish emotions from vocal inputs
Research and develop new emotion recognition technologies
Prototype new forms of emotion sensing
An engaging and committed team member who enjoys collaboration
M.S. or PhD. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics with specialization in natural language processing, affective computing, deep-learning andor machine-learning
2+ years experience developing machine-learning models at scale from inception to business impact
Deep understanding of modern machine-learning techniques and their mathematical foundations, such as classification, recommendation systems and natural language processing
Highly experienced with programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl or Python
Preferred, but not required:
Japanese speaking, reading, and writing ability
Work with great people with diverse job experiences
Competitive salary
Paid time-off
Medical insurance
11 days paid vacation each year

Software Programmer

As a software programmer, you will work with the Software Development team at Empath to create apps that run efficiently on Android and iOS platforms. In addition, you will plan, develop, and operate our web services. You have the opportunity to develop innovative emotion recognition apps with your creativity and imagination using our Empath engine.

Your responsibilities:
Participate in all stages of software development - from early brainstorming to coding and bug-fixing
Planning and developing user-centric UX/UI
Write excellent, performant code and associated tests
An engaging and committed team member who enjoys collaboration
Solid knowledge of UNIX OS and RDBMS (Linux、MySQL)
Experience with object-oriented languages (Ruby, Python, Java)
Experience developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS and Android applications
Preferred, but not required:
Japanese speaking, reading, and writing ability
M.S. or PhD. in Computer Science or a related field
Experience with multivariate analysis
Experience with sound-signal processing
Work with great people with diverse job experiences
Competitive salary
Paid time-off
Medical insurance
11 days paid vacation each year

Country Manager in Dubai

Empath Inc. is proceeding projects with UAE government sectors for Happiness and Positivity Agenda. We are seeking a country manager who can develop our business in UAE.

This role is a hugely autonomous one that takes a holistic view of how Empath can reach its full potential in the local market including government sectors. The Country Manager will ultimately be responsible for driving revenue, margin, gross profit growth.
As an experienced leader you will be expected to build a positive and strong team culture, focused on effective performance management within the team. You excel at coaching and motivating others to perform, whilst at the same time managing the strategy of the market to maximize its growth. You will have both a sales know-how and operations know-how.

Motivate and inspire both sales and operations workforce and set direction that people follow and look up to.
Lead by example, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the sales process.
Build and develop a high performing team with the goal of meeting and exceeding on daily, weekly and monthly set sales targets.
With sensitivity, help the team build cross-culture awareness
People Management
Participate in weekly management meetings and knowledge sharing meetings with Tokyo team.
Support Head of Sales identify and drive sales upskilling agenda
Act in a hands-on capacity working closely with all on a day-to-day basis, in relation to strategic planning & sales processes
Actively participate in the recruitment and selection of sales team members.
Guide the sales teams to verify and close deals in anticipation of generating the maximum amount of revenue from clever deal construction taking a long term view to ensure that the business is engaged with the client partner’s needs, end to end.
Build your own profile in the local market and develop a network and talent pool of candidates for future operation
Assist in driving the overall company goals and growth strategy.
Develop and implement tactical initiatives to drive individual team performance and deliver results.
Know the numbers by understanding and interpreting key business performance metrics.
At least 10 years’ experience in a sales operations environment within computer software
Experience in government projects in UAE
Proven track record of growing businesses in fast paced and competitive environments.
Highly entrepreneurial, self-starting with a strong bias for action, and ability to make things happen.
Exceptional leadership qualities and people management skills.
Demonstrated experience in leading and motivating teams of sales managers/sales representatives with evidence of consistent results and current success.
Passionate and driven by motivating others to succeed in a fast paced and dynamic sales environment.
Strong interpersonal, presentation and communication skills (written and verbal).
Demonstrated consultative approach to sales plus a pioneering attitude towards account acquisition.
Strong analytical skills.
High attention to detail.
Flexible, and comfortable with a matrix environment.
Bachelor degree (or equivalent) is desirable.
Ability to effectively communicate locally and across the region, requiring fluency in both Arabic and English.